Seventy years after Shoeless Joe Jackson, the White Sox on Wednesday gave Jobless Bo Jackson work. The club signed him to a one-year deal with options for 1992 and 1993 that could be worth as little as $700,000 or as much as $8.15 million over three years plus award bonuses.

And Chicago baseball fans are skeptical about the deal."He's a heck of a ballplayer if he's healthy," said Ted Kramer, 54, an accountant and White Sox fan.

The Kansas City Royals announced March 18 that they were putting Jackson on waivers after the team doctor said Jackson's hip injury was career threatening.

Ray Janisch said he doesn't understand where Jackson would play.

Dan O'Neill, another White Sox fan-accountant, said Bo just muddies the outfield picture.

"I was worried over the winter about (outfielders) Cory Snyder and Dan Pasqua getting playing time. Now, we get another outfielder," he said.