Alphagraphics Printshops of the Future has a new computerized system designed to protect copyrights and ensure proper payment of royalties to authors and publishers.

Called "Professor's Choice Publishing," the system was developed in response to the growing practice of copying portions of textbooks or journals for classroom use at colleges and universities, a practice that allowed professors to teach from a wider field of material but denied publishers and authors the copyright fees to which they were entitled.Kermit Johnson, owner of several Utah Alphagraphics franchises, said Professor's Choice Publishing provides a solution to the problem by obtaining copyright permission, keeping records of materials sold and paying royalties to authors and publishers.

Johnson said the process begins when the Alphagraphics store at 273 S. 1300 East receives a request to reproduce a text. The information is entered into a personal computer and transmitted to a centralized database at the company's home office in Tucson, Ariz.

Alphagraphics employees forward a request for permission to copy to every publisher involved. Permission often is granted within 48 hours. The information, including royalty fees, is entered into the database and can then be accessed by the store.

When a sale is made, the information is fed into the database. At the end of each month, the database generates a report on all activity with the Alphagraphics system and the total royalties due each publisher.

"We have found that professors are very concerned about keeping costs down for their students," said Johnson. "But they are also aware of the rights of the publisher and author."