STS Productions, 5181 Amelia Earhart Drive, has completed the production of two videos for Huntsman Chemical Corp.

The 14-minute corporate/marketing video and the 101/2-minute video postcard were the most extensive video productions ever produced for the chemical company.Shooting the corporate video took STS Productions' crew to six Huntsman plants in Virginia, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas and Utah. Huntsman's strength, achievements and commitment are featured in a series of segments showing the company's dedication to quality products and service.

Kim Hale, producer/director for STS Productions, said even with a project of this magnitude, the production came together rather easily. He said the project was scheduled for 31/2 months and everything went so smoothly that nothing had to be reshot.

Huntsman's video postcard was taped at a conference in Park City for the company's customers throughout the country. Crews shot scenes of customers skiing and enjoying Utah's resort accommodations. Taping, editing to music and graphics, dubbing 350 copies and delivery were completed in the same weekend, Hale said.