The casino lights will still glitter when West Wendover becomes Nevada's newest incorporated city in July, but there will be no red light district in this town on the Utah border.

Council members voted 2-1 to ban brothels, which are legal in Elko County's three other cities."I think I would rather live in a community that would spend the resources to get rid of prostitution than one that would condone it," said Barry Jones, one of 15 people who opposed legal brothels against four who favored it.

West Wendover is in the process of drawing up city laws and government. On the brothel issue, councilmen Roger LaCombe and Larry Lisk favored prohibiting brothels in Tuesday night's vote while Robin Buyten opposed the ban.

Wendover resident Dick McDougal supported legal brothels, saying the fees they would generate could support Wendover's medical clinic without tarnishing the city's image any more than do casinos or streetwalkers.