The City Council has given TCI Cablevision of Utah thumbs up to move ahead with installing a new cable system.

Over the next three years, TCI will spend about $6 million to install a state-of-the-art fiber optics system that will make cable available to every home of record in Provo."I like to say the fun part starts now," said Dan McCarty, TCI state general manager.

The company has already started the engineering work on the project and is looking at possible sites for a new earth station, he said. TCI workers are also counting houses and locating telephone poles throughout the city. After collecting data during the next two months, McCarty said, the system will be designed and construction will begin.

McCarty said that by the end of 1992, cable is to be available to all Provo homes. The company is promising better picture quality and the availability of up to 60 channels with the new system.

TCI representatives and city officials spent nearly a year hammering out the agreement. The previous franchise expired Dec. 31, 1990. City Attorney Gary Gregerson said he's satisfied Provo received everything it was seeking.

The agreement includes a stipulation for forming a citizens committee to monitor TCI's performance.