A Salt Lake man investigated by police in the alleged fondling of women seeking loans or purported movie roles has been sentenced to five years probation and fined $10,000 for extortion.

U.S. District Judge J. Thomas Greene also ordered Paul Robert Rubey not to conduct interviews with women and to stay away from girls under age 18."If I sentenced you on all the things in your background, you'd be looking at three or four years," Greene said Monday. "But I'll confine myself to conduct with which you are charged - extortion."

Last November, Rubey fainted at his sentencing before learning his 20-year prison term would be reviewed after a 90-day mental evaluation.

Greene said he had to impose the maximum sentence to make Rubey, 64, eligible for the mental examination.

"Maybe his age will start to slow him down a little bit," said Greene, adding that with supervision and treatment, Rubey may "behave in an appropriate manner for the rest of his life."

Rubey pleaded no contest Sept. 19 to allegations of threatening a couple who failed to repay a $25,000 loan.

At Monday's sentencing, Greene also ordered Rubey to undergo psychological counseling for personality disorders and to stay out of the loan business.

Greene said evaluators at a federal mental facility in Springfield, Mo., found Rubey to be a "manipulative person."

"They don't know whether you're going to continue to act in a manipulative manner," said Greene. "They also said it's going to be difficult to predict the future potential of you being a danger to society."