Five new members have been named to the grazing advisory board for the Richfield District of the Bureau of Land Management.

The selections follow assignments of several members to the district's general advisory board. Grazing board members advise the district manager only in grazing matters.New grazing board members are Verl Bagley, Greenwich, Piute County; Reed Brian, Loa, Wayne County; Bliss Brinkerhoff, Bicknell, Wayne County; Don Fitzgerald, Kamas, Summit County; and Dean Hansen, Fountain Green, Sanpete County.

They will serve with Kay L. Frischknecht, Manti; Bill Jasperson, Goshen, Utah County; and Ben Stott, Meadow, Millard County.

Board members represent livestock interests in specific resource areas, according to Jerry Goodman, district manager. Assignments include Bagley and Frischknecht, Sevier River Resource Area; Brian and Brinkerhoff, Henry Mountain Resource Area; Fitzgerald and Jasperson, House Range Resource Area; and Hansen and Stott, Warm Springs Resource Area.

Goodmen said the board advises the BLM in the development of allotment management plans governing livestock grazing operations and practices, recommends range improvement programs and advises the district manager in expending range betterment funds to meet the needs of livestock grazing.