Though a sad commentary on Davis School District salaries, most of the 14 district employees who served in Operation Desert Storm got bigger paychecks from the military than they do from the district.

About one-third, however, do not."Some people lost a couple of thousand dollars. That's quite a hit," said Lynn Summerhays, president of the Davis School Board.

So the board passed a resolution authorizing the district to compensate those who lost money as a result of being called up.

Here's an example of how the resolution would work: District employee John Doe was making $2,000 per month from the district and was called up for seven months in the military but was paid only $11,000 by Uncle Sam during that time. The school district, therefore, would pay him $3,000 to make up the difference in what he would have made had he not been called up.

"These individuals have served their country in an exemplary manner in a time of critical national need," states the resolution.

Superintendent Rich Kendell said, "We would like to see that none has served at a disadvantage. . . .This is an important gesture on the part of the school district to those who were willing to serve."

It is not yet known how much money the resolution will cost the district, but it is not expected to cost much, because many of the temporary replacements were paid at salaries lower than those of the employees they were replacing.

Kendell said the resolution applies only to the recent gulf war and not to any future conflicts.

"If it were a long-term war, the school district wouldn't be able to afford it."