Police arrested seven men Thursday in last week's attack on a house full of mourners that killed 12 people and injured 17 in a strife-torn black township.

"I can confirm seven men were arrested early today as a result of the incident," a police spokesman in Johannesburg said. He said an AK-47 rifle, a pistol and ammunition were seized but declined to give further details.A number of men burst into a house full of people attending a funeral vigil March 27, firing wildly at the occupants.

Survivors said the attackers spoke Zulu and police described the pre-dawn attack in Johannesburg's northern Alexandra township as part of South Africa's black factional violence.Election measure OK'd LINCOLN, Neb. (AP) - The Legislature narrowly approved a bill Wednesday that would make Nebraska the second state in the nation to distribute presidential electoral votes by congressional district.

Lawmakers voted 25-23 in favor of the measure, which would give Nebraska a system similar to the one used by Maine for the past 27 years.

Currently, all five of Nebraska's electoral votes go to the presidential candidate who garners 50 percent or more of the popular vote.

If signed by Gov. Ben Nelson, the new law would require that two at-large electors be chosen from the party whose presidential nominee received the highest number of votes statewide.

The other three electors, chosen from the state's congressional districts, would represent the party whose presidential nominee received the highest number of votes in each respective district.Governor targeted ANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) - Dissident members of Alaska Gov. Walter Hickel's political party said Wednesday they have launched a campaign to recall the maverick governor and plan to file a lawsuit to challenge Hickel's November election victory.

"The entire nominating process was totally illegal and unlawful," said Howard Scaman, a party member from Juneau.

Scaman said Hickel, the first person elected to the statehouse from the fringe Alaskan Independence Party, and Lt. Gov. Jack Coghill betrayed the Alaskan Independence Party platform, which calls for secession from the United States, and used the party only as a vehicle to steal the election.

Hickel and Coghill took 38.8 percent of the vote to beat candidates from the Democratic, Republican and nascent Green parties.Tongan won't resign NUKU'ALOFA, Tonga (Reuters) - Tongan Police Minister 'Akau'ola rejected calls Thursday for his resignation over sales of passports to foreigners, including former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos.

'Akau'ola denied opposition claims that the Pacific kingdom was riddled with corruption and faced a political crisis.

'Akaua'ola was in charge of controversial sales of Tongan passports for up to $10,000 each, mainly to Chinese and southeast Asians.

They were declared illegal in 1988, but last February the king agreed to an amendment allowing 426 foreign holders of the passports, including the widow of ousted Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, to become Tongan citizens.Greene's burial set VEVEY, Switzerland (Reuters) - British novelist Graham Greene will be buried Monday in Corsier, a small town overlooking Lake Geneva, his daughter said Thursday.

Caroline Bourget told Reuters the burial of her father, who died Wednesday in a Vevey hospital at age 86, would be preceded by a private service in the Corsier Roman Catholic church of St. Jean.

"We want a private ceremony, without press or photographers. No reporters will be allowed into the church," Bourget added.In other news . . . RAIN FELL in the Pacific Northwest and in parts of the Midwest early Thursday, and temperatures in the Northeast rose after several days of unseasonable cold. . . . HIGH WINDS and low clouds in Friday's forecast appeared to be NASA's only concern as the countdown clock ticked toward the launch of Atlantis with an observatory that will hunt for hot cosmic rays. Atlantis is scheduled to blast off at 9:18 a.m. EST Friday. It will be the 39th shuttle flight and the first of 1991. . . . COMMUNIST REBELS apologized to mineworkers in San Narcisco, Philippines, Thursday for stealing their payroll but said the money was needed for the revolution.