Lawyers for the Singer and Swapp defendants met separately with U.S. District Court Chief Judge Bruce S. Jenkins Monday to review presentence reports the judge will consult when he sentences the defendants Friday.

Addam Swapp, Vicki Singer, John Timothy Singer and Jonathan Swapp were all convicted in the January stand-off and shoot-out at their homestead in Marion, Summit County. All will be sentenced Friday in separate appearances before Jenkins starting at 8:30 a.m.Relatives of Addam Swapp came to the courthouse Monday, but were not allowed to attend the closed hearing, which was held in Jenkins' chambers. Swapp's lawyer, John R. Bucher, was the only defense attorney present, but several prosecutors from the U.S. attorney's office attended.

Assistant U.S. Attorney David Schwendiman said presentence meetings are required under the old sentencing guidelines. New guidelines were recently declared unconstitutional by Utah's federal judges, as well as most other federal jurisdictions. The U.S. Supreme Court will decide their constitutionality in October.

If the new guidelines are re-imposed, it may be necessary to resentence the Singer and Swapp defendants.

Schwendiman said the presentence reports prepared by the U.S. Probation Department are under the control of the judge and can only be made public by him.

One federal officer told relatives of Addam Swapp that he is not certain that the sentencing will take place Friday.