President Bush gives Mike Miller a little encouragement as he jogs in Islamorada, Fla. The president ended a three-day fishing trip Wednesday, leaving the Florida Keys empty-handed after three days of trying to land one of the region's much-touted bonefish. Bush left by helicopter to spend the day in Hobe Sound, Fla., with his 89-year-old mother before returning to Washington for a televised ceremony to honor the Persian Gulf troops. The president had to settle for alternative forms of recreation - golf and jogging - after winds whipped up the Florida Bay waters and forced his fishing party to abandon the bonefish quest Tuesday afternoon. The president was matter-of-fact about his bad-luck fishing. He said he caught some "little stuff" but the rough water made bonefish-snaring difficult. Bush used the otherwise unproductive time on the water to take a phone call from Turkey's President Turgut Ozal, turning to the violence still plaguing Iraq. Bush told reporters jogging along a coastal road with him that Ozal was worried about Kurdish refugees in Iraq, where the rebellion was falling victim to harsh repression by President Saddam Hussein. However, Bush was not in a mood to talk much about world affairs, turning aside reporters' efforts to draw him out on the Iraqi situation. He told his jogging partners he was out to relax. The president cheerily greeted residents.