Pile it on a pedestal plate. Spread it over a sheet pan. Corner it in a cupcake container.

The favorite C-word of any kitchen crew - cake.What better way to celebrate a mother's efforts than to honor her with a holiday cake presentation on her day?

Simple or complicated, layered or lean, a cake delivers a caring message.

As the old lyric goes, "If I knew you were comin', I'd a baked a cake..."

Look up the prize-winning cake recipes you cherish and send them, blue ribbons attached, to the May Recipe Exchange. Top selections will run before Mother's Day, giving dads and kids time to practice for the final presentation.

Rules for submitting recipes:

1. Submit only one recipe per sheet of paper (but all can be mailed in one envelope). Include name and address on each recipe. Mail to Recipe Exchange, P.O. Box 1257, Salt Lake City, UT 84110.

2. No more than three recipes will be accepted from any one person.

3. Recipes must be postmarked by Friday, April 12.

4. If identical recipes are received, the recipe with the earliest postmark will be selected for testing.

5. The best recipes will be printed in the Deseret News food section the first Tuesday in May. Winners will receive $5.