Authorities filed drunken driving charges Monday against Dallas Mavericks star Roy Tarpley, and the district attorney's office said it would ask that his probation for a 1989 DWI conviction be revoked.

The 7-foot, 250-pound forward, who has twice violated the NBA's anti-drug policy, was arrested early Saturday on suspicion of driving while intoxicated after he was clocked at 28 mph over the speed limit in a 35 mph zone.Dallas police sent the district attorney's office the paperwork on Tarpley about 10 a.m., and a formal charge of DWI, second offense, was filed immediately, Assistant District Attorney Norman Kinne said.

"A motion to revoke his probation will probably be filed (soon)," Kinne said.

Tarpley was suspended for 33 games last season as a result of a Nov. 15, 1989, DWI arrest, complicated by a battle in which it took six policemen to subdue him and take him to jail.

Last September, in granting Tarpley a probated sentence, County Criminal Court Judge Mike Schwille warned that if Tarpley failed to meet the terms of his probation, he would send him to jail for one year.