Forty-two of the Beehive State's superspellers will meet Friday in a summit conference on words for the title of state champion and a ticket to the National Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.

Public, private and parochial district winners will compete for the championship title at the 15th annual Deseret News spelling bee - culminating a yearlong spelling improvement program. The program is sponsored in cooperation with the State Office of Education, State PTA and Utah Education Association.The competition begins at 9 a.m. at Bryant Junior High School, 40 S. 800 East.

Thousands of youngsters in fourth through eighth grades received a list of 500 words last fall to study during the year. During March, classroom spelling bees, in the "miss-and-you're-out" tradition, got under way to set the stage for a series of contests.

School winners were sent to district competition and the district winners were invited to the championship finals Friday.

In addition to receiving a trophy, the state winner and one parent will be guests of the Deseret News in Washington, D.C., May 27-31. They will visit historical sites in and around the nation's capital during Bee Week with two days devoted solely to spelling competition.

Some 227 spellers - one more than last year and a record number - will converge on the nation's capital for the 64th annual Scripps Howard National Spelling Bee.

The second-place winner will receive a trophy and a 32-volume Encyclopaedia Britannica that features the redesigned format that first appeared in 1985. The valuable prize features the 12-volume micropaedia, containing 85,000 alphabetically ordered entries; the 17-volume macropaedia with 681 articles and 6,000 illustrations, and the one-volume propaedia, featuring 15,000 topics and 31,800 titles for suggested reading.

A trophy and The Random House Dictionary of the English Language will be awarded to the third-place winner. It is the first completely new unabridged dictionary published in 23 years and it has more than 315,000 entries. Major entries show when words were first entered into the language, and tens of thousands of biographical and geographical entries are included plus more than 2,000 illustrations and spot maps.

Fourth prize is Webster's 9th New Collegiate Dictionary, containing 200,000 definitions, 25,000 new words and 3,000 illustrations. Webster's Collegiate Thesaurus, featuring more than 100,000 synonyms, antonyms, related and contrasting words and idiomatic equivalents will be awarded to the fifth-place winner. Both are from Merriam-Webster, Inc.

A special spelling bee edition of the 1991 World Almanac will be presented to the sixth-place winner.

The following are district winners, their age, school, grade and city, and the number they were assigned for the state competition:

1. Janel Brattland, 14, St. Paul Lutheran eighth grade, Ogden; 2. Nathaniel Lassen, 12, Big Water seventh grade, Big Water; 3. William Sullivan, 11, Eureka fifth grade, Eureka; 4. Louisa Bennion, 13, North Sanpete Middle eighth grade, Spring City; 5. Erica Matsumori, 14, Mt. Jordan eighth grade, Sandy; 6. Kimberly Stookey, 13, Grantsville Middle eighth grade; Grantsville; 7. Ann Marie Dastrup, 10, Monroe fifth grade, Monroe; 8. Jared Hickman, 14, Meridian eighth grade, Provo; 9. Megan Hadley, 10, Morgan Middle fifth grade, Morgan.

10. Erin Huber, 12, Vernal Middle sixth grade, Vernal; 11. Paul Johnson, 13, Bear River Middle eighth grade, Tremonton; 12. Matt Seegmiller, 10, Oscarson fifth grade, Marysvale; 13. Scott Crandall, 10, Challenger School fifth grade, Provo; 14. Jeremy Stanley, 13, Brockbank Jr. seventh grade, Magna; 15. Dan Nguyen, 11, Horizon fifth grade, Murray; 16. Stephanie Blum, 13, St. Olaf's eighth grade, Layton; 17. Mark LaRocco, 13, Spring Creek Middle seventh grade, Wellsville; 18. Bridgette Ciochetto, 14, San Rafael Jr. eighth grade, Castle Dale; 19. Danny Ericksen, 14, Butler Middle eighth grade, Salt Lake City.

20. Nathan Lewis, 12, Delta Middle sixth grade, Delta; 21. Emilee Anderson, 11, Monticello sixth grade, Monticello; 22. Brian Miano, 12, Milford sixth grade; Milford; 23. Olivia (Livy) Salmon, 11, Hillcrest fifth grade, Logan; 24. Jennie Pierson, 14, Panguitch Middle eighth grade, Panguitch; 25. Daniel Briggs, 11, Syracuse sixth grade, Syracuse; 26. Troy Davidson, 13, Canyonview Jr. eighth grade, Orem; 27. Jamie Cook, 12, Juab Middle sixth grade, Nephi; 28. Ashley Maak, 13, Wasatch Middle eighth grade, Heber; 29. Kirsten Olsen, 13, Spanish Fork Intermediate seventh grade, Spanish Fork.

30. Jessica Chudleigh, 11, Treasure Mtn. sixth grade, Park City; 31. Amy Young, 12, Ephraim Middle sixth grade, Sterling; 32. Megan Gudmundson, West Lake Jr. eighth grade, West Valley; 33. Beth Peterson, 9, Loa Elementary fourth grade, Lyman; 34. Andrew Werner, 13, North Summit Middle eighth grade, Henefer; 35. Katherine Radcliffe, 13, Grand County Middle seventh grade, Moab; 36. Stephanie Stringham, 10, North Rich fourth grade, Garden City; 37. Benjamin Isaac Green, 11, Sunset fifth grade, St. George; 38. Phillip Blackburn, 14, Mont Harmon eighth grade, Price; 39. Stacey Matsumura, Bennion Jr. seventh grade, Salt Lake City.

40. Shaunte' Wilkesen, 13, South Summit Middle seventh grade, Samak; 41. Jamie Lemon, 11, Roosevelt Middle sixth grade, Roosevelt; 42. Maya Beebe, 10, Bennion fifth grade, Salt Lake City.