A 23-year-old Ogden woman was in critical but stable condition after she was stabbed during a sexual assault, according to police.

Capt. Marlin Balls said a man was arrested and booked into jail after the woman, naked and bleeding from at least nine stab wounds, escaped and ran into the middle of Washington Boulevard.Balls said the suspect apparently accosted the woman on Washington Boulevard about 11 p.m. Monday. He threatened her with a knife and forced her back to his apartment and raped her.

The woman said she begged the man to let her go after the sexual assault, the captain said.

"He said, `No, you'll tell the police,' and started stabbing her," Balls said Tuesday.

The woman suffered at least nine stab wounds in the face, neck and chest before she managed to take the knife from her assailant and throw it out the window.

She then jumped from the window to a landing, climbed down and ran into the street, he said.

Balls said the woman apparently did not know the suspect.