The Jeu de Paume, former home of France's biggest collection of Impressionist art, will re-open this spring to showcase contemporary art.

Once among the city's top three tourist attractions along with the Eiffel Tower and Louvre, the Jeu de Paume closed in 1986 so its multimillion-dollar collections of Renoirs, Degas, Monets and Manets could be moved across the Seine to the Orsay museum.Built in 1861 on the edge of the Tuileries gardens, it has undergone a $12 million renovation to become the city's newest contemporary art exhibition space.

Culture Minister Jack Lang said the Jeu de Paume would open June 20 with a show of works from the last years of Jean Dubuffet, a controversial sculptor and muralist.

Lang also said the Jeu de Paume would be run as a "non-profit organziation" - an innovation in France - and receive equal funds from state and private sources. Entrance will not be free.