Granite District students attending summer environmental classes at Mill Hollow will pay an increased fee this year.

The Granite Board of Education approved a 20-percent increase Tuesday that will raise the cost of two-day outings to $24 and three-day outings to $36. The district also will consider extending use of the facility to cross country skiers and other winter sports enthusiasts during the winter.The science camp, located in the Uinta Mountains, provides a rustic experience for students, with an emphasis on the interdependence of man and his environment.

Claudia Thorum, assistant director of community education, told board members that leaders of the Mill Hollow program are looking at a number of options to help make it more self-sufficient.

Among the proposals being considered are creating cooperative ventures with the University of Utah for adult education; offering of more two-day courses for public schoolchildren and fewer three-day outings; expanding the camp store and slightly increasing prices; opening the facility on Sunday; contracting with concessionaires during the winter to allow use by winter-sports enthusiasts; and increasing the use of volunteers to man the science camps.

Board members were concerned that prices for schoolchildren not increase to the point that some children are "priced out." Schools are allowed to grant fee waivers on an individual basis for children whose families cannot afford the outings.