Mayor Richard M. Daley was elected in a landslide to his first full term after one of the dullest campaigns in Chicago's down-and-dirty political history. But to Daley, that was a good sign.

"This campaign was a milestone for all of us," Daley, 48, told supporters Tuesday on winning a four-year term. "We've shattered the myth that with a Chicago election must come bitterness and name-calling."The son of Chicago's legendary Boss - the late Mayor Richard J. Daley - crushed R. Eugene Pincham, a former judge running on the Harold Washington Party ticket; Republican George Gottlieb, and James A. Warren of the Socialist Workers Party. Early results gave Daley 71 percent of the vote.

Daley was elected in 1989 to complete Washington's second term after the city's first black mayor died in office.

In elections elsewhere:

-Wisconsin voters rejected a constitutional amendment that would enable the state to buy, build and refurbish private housing for the poor.

-In Colorado Springs, Colo., Mayor Robert Isaac overcame his first major challenge since taking office 12 years ago, defeating Councilwoman Mary Ellen McNally and four other candidates.

-In East St. Louis, Ill., Gordon Bush, a former city treasurer, ran uncontested after defeating Mayor Carl E. Officer in the Democratic primary. East St. Louis is $47 million in debt and has been unable to pay for trash pickup for more than two years.