A truck driver who sexually assaulted and tortured a female hitchhiker was denied a parole date and will next appear before the Board of Pardons in July 1994.

John Joseph Thompson, 37, was convicted of one count of object rape, one count of forcible sexual abuse and one count of forcible sodomy in connection with the March 1986 incident.According to evidence presented Friday at the hearing, Thompson was giving the woman a ride to Reno. After stopping for the night, Thompson handcuffed the woman to the inside of his truck and over the next four hours, beat her, tortured her, and sexually assaulted her repeatedly.

The woman later escaped and reported the incident to authorities in Wendover.

Thompson described himself to board members as a sadist who has been engaging in abnormal sexual conduct for almost 20 years. "Part of the board's concern is the long-standing nature of your behavior," said board member Gary Webster.

"What I did was wrong," Thompson told the board. "I realize I hurt her more than physically."