Southern Utah State College President Gerald Sheratt says that for Cache County residents, voting for a pair of tax-rollback initiatives that will appear on the general election ballot would be like "shooting yourselves in the head."

Sheratt, a former vice president at Utah State University, told a joint meeting of the Logan and Cache County PTA councils Friday night that Cache County would lose more than most areas if the initiatives pass.He said residents actually get more back from the state than they pay to it in taxes.

Addressing more than 200 parents who attended the meeting, Sheratt called the initiatives, sponsored by the Tax Limitation Coalition of Utah, "public enemy No. 1."

"Passing the initiatives here would be like shooting yourselves in the head," he said.

One initiative would repeal a record $166 million tax increase approved by the Legislature last year, and the other would put a ceiling on property taxes. A third initiative sponsored by the coalition would provide a tax credit to parents who send their children to private schools.

Sheratt praised local PTA members for coming up with the idea of encouraging people opposed to the initiatives to place green ribbons on trees and doorways to demonstrate unity.

"We picked up on that in Cedar City and we've already purchased 200 yards of green ribbon. We are selling ribbons for $2 each to raise money to campaign against the initiatives," he said.

Sheratt said education and government agencies have cut services to sustain budget cuts in the past. But he said "anything that has happened before will pale in comparison to what will happen if these initiatives pass."