Five short black-and-white films by Thomas Camoin will be shown Friday and Saturday in the City Art Loft, 240 S. Main, at 10 p.m. A $3 donation is being requested as a fund-raising effort to help Camoin get his latest film through post-production.

To be shown are "Legalize It," a seven-minute film attacking alcohol usage while examining reasons for legalizing marijuana; "Revolution?" a 10-minute portrait of declining quality and values in America; "The Burden," also 10 minutes, an existential overview of Christianity; "20th-Century Picnic," a seven-minute film about human responsibility; and "Peyote Jesus," the film Camoin hopes to finish, a 22-minute satire filmed at various Salt Lake Valley locations. All films are in Super-8mm, except "20th-Century Picnic," which is in 16mm.For further information phone 265-2386.