There's a new dog in town - and on the Deseret News' daily comics pages.

It's "Southpaw," a mischievous mutt who meets his match in the world of sports news and athletic personalities.The pedigreed pooch is said to come from an illustrious line of team mascots. He sets out to follow in the family footprints and study the wide world of sports, searching for a game to call his own.

You'll find Southpaw anywhere and everywhere: pitching his services at the World Series, making a splash as water dog at the NBA finals or chasing balls at Wimbledon. In every season, in every hat, helmet and uniform, Southpaw's dogged determination lands him in the middle of the action - from the pits at the Indy 500 to the greens of the Masters.

"Southpaw" is drawn by David Kolosta, a contributing editorial cartoonist for the Houston Post since 1984. His cartoons have also been published in such newspapers as the Dallas Morning News and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. Originals of his works are included in the private collections of former U.S. Speaker of the House Jim Wright and Texas Gov. Bill Clements.

In both 1987 and '88, the Houston Press Club gave Kolosta its top honor for editorial cartooning in major newspapers. Those same years his cartoons appeared in "The Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year."

Kolosta has a bachelor of arts degree from the University of Texas. He lives in Austin with his wife, Betty, and their old English sheepdog, Fanny (no relation to Southpaw).