The Los Angeles Raiders, who haven't been to the Super Bowl in 10 years

but came close last season, added another player with a lot of NFL title game experience - Roger Craig.The Raiders, who earlier signed former San Francisco star Ronnie Lott, picked up their second Plan B player from the 49ers by signing Craig Monday.

Craig, a running back who's the only player in NFL history to top 1,000 yards in both rushing and receiving in a single season, and Lott, a free safety who made the Pro Bowl nine times, both were mainstays of three 49ers' Super Bowl championship teams in the late 1980s.

And both were left unprotected by the 49ers, allowing them to negotiate with other teams.

Craig, 30, led the 49ers in rushing from 1985-89, breaking the 1,000-yard mark three times, and was among the NFL's top pass receivers out of the backfield.

In 1985, Craig became the only player in league history to gain 1,000 yards rushing and 1,000 yards receiving in a single season.

But Craig gained only 439 yards in 141 attempts and caught just 25 passes last season while struggling to overcome a knee injury that forced him to miss five games.

No terms of the contract was announced, but Craig made $750,000 with the 49ers in 1990.

The Raiders, who made it to the AFC title game last season before losing to Buffalo, apparently felt the need to sign another running back due to a hip injury to Bo Jackson.

He was hurt in a playoff game in January and was released last week by baseball's Kansas City Royals, who felt he would not be healthy enough to play this season.

"Here's a guy that's been a great player throughout his career," Raiders coach Art Shell said of Craig.

"When you get a chance to get a player like that, how could you not sign him."

The Raiders wound up signing seven Plan B free agents.