The Utah Jazz have activated starting forward Blue Edwards and waived rookie Dan O'Sullivan, in preparation for Tuesday's matchup at Phoenix.

Edwards, a second-year pro, has been on the injured list since March 1. His last outing was a Feb. 27 game at the Salt Palace against Golden State. Prior to that, Edwards averaged 9.2 points and 3.4 rebounds.O'Sullivan, a rookie from Fordham, played in 21 games, scoring 21 points and collecting 17 rebounds.

"Blue looks ready to play and we had to make a decision," said Jazz Coach Jerry Sloan.

Sloan said he would like to see O'Sullivan back in the Jazz's rookie/free agent camp next summer.

The return of Edwards will change the look the Jazz have shown for the last month. Since his injury, the Jazz have gone with Thurl Bailey in the starting lineup. But Sloan said he will likely start Edwards against the Suns and bring Bailey off the bench. "We've got to get some help off the bench," said Sloan. "Our front-line players have been playing a lot of minutes. I've got to get some help off the bench."

Sloan said Edwards will probably play more off-guard than he did before, rather than strictly as a forward. - Brad Rock