Police were investigating a woman's report that she was sexually assaulted Easter weekend at the Kennedy family's compound, where some of the Kennedy family spent the holiday. No charges were immediately filed.

Police refused to identify the person a 30-year-old woman said raped her at about 4 a.m. Saturday.The woman contacted police that afternoon from Humana Hospital, where she was treated for minor injuries, police said in a statement Monday.

"It's just an allegation until we can verify the facts," said police spokesman Craig Gunkel. "The only thing really that we can say that revolves around the Kennedy family . . . is that the incident did take place on their property."

The Palm Beach Post reported Tuesday that Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., spent the weekend in town and on Friday visited Au Bar, a Palm Beach lounge, with his son Patrick and nephew William Kennedy Smith.

"He has absolutely no involvement in the alleged incident," said Paul Donovan, the senator's press secretary. Kennedy learned of the incident Monday, and police didn't ask him for a statement, Donovan said.