Fifteen people were treated at local hospitals Monday for sore throats and nausea after inhaling fumes discharged by an industrial incinerator.

Workers at Eastern Electric, 1680 S. Redwood Road, were burning insulation off electric wires to recycle them when people north of the building complained of nausea and sore throats."There are a lot of resins in that insulation, and the fumes blew north, affecting people in and outside of buildings," Salt Lake Battalion Chief Gordon Nicholl said.

A cloud of hydrogen sulfide blew over the area but quickly dissipated, so residents were allowed to stay in the area, Nicholl said.

The people who became ill, most of them workers at Style Craft Furniture, 1650 S. Redwood Road, were treated at Holy Cross, University and LDS hospitals and then released.

Inspectors from the Salt Lake County Health Department are investigating the building's incinerator to determine if it is safe, Nicholl said.

No citations were issued.