Playing off Fortune magazine's selection of Salt Lake City as the No. 1 place to do business in the '90s, the Department of Community and Economic Development has developed an advertising campaign aimed at luring new companies to Utah.

The four-page newspaper inserts have appeared in the Southern California edition of the Wall Street Journal and the City Business Journals of Washington, D.C.; Atlanta; Boston; Minneapolis/St. Paul; Hartford; and select California cities.The ad also will run in the April edition of Site Selection Magazine.

The cover of the advertisement features a fortune teller gazing into a crystal ball with the statement "Some have their fortune told this way . . ." Inside the ad states: "We prefer a more credible source." The ad quotes the Fortune magazine article and gives additional information about Utah.

"In the first two days following the ad's placement we received over 100 requests for more information about Utah," said Marian Hein, director of the National Development program of the Utah Division of Business and Economic Development.

Since then, the division has received more than 400 inquiries.

"We're taking advantage of the publicity generated by the Fortune article and we're extending the market exposure and impact of the Fortune selection with this campaign," said Stan Parrish, executive director of the Utah Department of Community and Economic Development.

"We can't dictate where we end up in ratings like the Fortune rating. But when we succeed as we have, we need to take advantage of that publicity." The Fortune magazine article appeared on newsstands nationwide last October.

A coupon on the fourth page of the ad encourages readers to send away or call a toll-free number to obtain a reprint of the Fortune article and a 14-minute video, which is free to corporate managers and site selectors. The video is available to others for $10.