A man convicted of murdering his neighbor was shot dead - legally - by one of the victim's heirs this week in Pakistan, which is undergoing a conservative Islamic revival following the Persian Gulf war.

The shooting in the presence of thousands of tribesmen Monday in Pakistan's tribal belt bordering Afghanistan was the first known murder case settled according to the Islamic penal code, which allows the heirs of the deceased either to either kill the murderer or take payment and excuse the killer.Pakistan is witnessing an upsurge of religious fervor since the gulf war, and religious organizations have increased demands for implementation of Sharia law - Islamic jurisprudence - in the country.

Fazal Karim, the murderer who was executed, was convicted by a religious organization called the Tanzim Ittehad-I-Ulema of slaying Zarab Khan, his neighbor. The Tanzim has taken on the task of implementing Islamic laws in tribal areas.