A girl told police she was sexually assaulted by another youth who has been stalking her.

The girl, 17, said the suspect followed her home from work Thursday. She started to run when she noticed him chasing her in his vehicle, but he blocked her off in the parking lot of Twin Peaks Elementary, 5325 S. 1045 East.The suspect threw the girl to the ground and punched her several times, a Salt Lake County Sheriff's report states. He attempted to rape the girl when a passer-by heard her screams for help and yelled at the suspect. The assailant then jumped into his car and drove away.

The victim was taken to Cottonwood Hospital and was believed to have suffered a broken rib. Nurses and paramedics told deputies it appeared she also received a stab wound during the assault.

The girl told investigators she has told the suspect many times that she wants nothing to do with him. The suspect, however, is obsessed with the idea of being with her and continually watches her at work, the report stated.