Tammy Faye Bakker, makeup queen, former teary televangelist and wife of preacher-convict Jim Bakker, will end her self-imposed exile from the stage with a one-time-only concert Friday in Wichita, Kan.

"There is something about this woman that just fascinates people," said Chris Love, manager of the Crest Theater, where Mrs. Bakker will perform a gospel singing concert. "That's why even after being away from the spotlight for a year or so, she's still so hot."All 800 $18 seats at the Crest - which hosts professional wrestling and boxing as well as musical events - sold out quickly. Most were bought by out-of-towners, folks from Louisiana, Minnesota and the Carolinas.

But the jokes began before the eyeliner dried on the contract.

Radio stations in at least three states held Tammy look-alike contests and arranged to bring bus loads of fans. Jay Leno, while guest host on "The Tonight Show," in early March joked about the concert, saying, "The last time a woman like that was in Kansas a house fell on her."