Weber State College is a leader in outreach education, according to a British educator who is in the United States to study such programs.

Valerie Challen, senior lecturer with the University of Lancaster and Morecambe in England, was at WSC looking specifically at how the college prepares teaching materials for off-campus radiological education."Hospital workers in Scotland and the outer islands cannot get time off (to upgrade education). But they want to further their qualifications," said Challen.

She spent Aug. 8-13 at Weber State as part of a 11-week tour of the United States and Canada. Utah was the only Western state she visited.

Weber State offers outreach education in a number of the state's rural towns. The programs are usually hospital-based and are designed to upgrade the abilities of existing technicians, said Jane Ward, director of the college's program. As part of the training program the college has developed audio and videotaped lectures, as well as printed materials.

The United States and the United Kingdom have many similarities when it comes to outreach education, even though the United States has done more, Challen said. One difference between the two countries is the amount of cooperation between industry and education found here.