Cooler temperatures and cooler heads prevailed during spring break week, with police and townspeople reporting Sunday that most of the fun-seeking college students were on their best behavior.

"We survived," said Palm Springs Police Lt. Lee Weigel. "It was pretty active but not as big as in the past. I think the weather had a lot to do with it."A series of thunderstorms rumbled through the parched area earlier this week, making local ski resorts the preferred destination for young people emerging from academic hibernation. A ban on wearing skimpy "thong" bikinis and an increased police presence also were credited for reducing crowds and discouraging rowdiness in the laid-back desert community of 38,000 people.

"Everything's been real smooth," said Stephanie Graham, manager of the Best Western Host Motel. In response to past student rampages, the motel is one of several that no longer accept guests under 25 during the spring break holiday.

"It seems like there are less people this year," Graham said.

"It's gone fairly well, considering this is spring break" said the manager of another motel, who declined to be identified.