To the editor:

Contrary to what the patrons of Salt Lake County have been reading in the papers, we will be having a 1991 fair at its present location.Anyone who exhibits at the Salt Lake County Fair or attends it knows that the buildings and grounds are not "dilapidated" and in a "deplorable condition" as has been stated. We know there are minor repairs and paint needed, but we have worked diligently to keep things up with the small pittance we receive from the county and with monies we receive from rent of our facilities and barn rent.

It is only partially true that we received $70,000 a year; true that we received it in 1990. The county, without consulting the fair board, gave a 50-year lease for $1 to Murray City to build an amphitheater. When Murray City increased our utility bill to more than $12,000 a year and we were unable to pay it, Murray City very generously offered to buy it from the fair. The county, being embarrassed, said no, but that they would increase our budget, which they did last year.

Out of all the organizations and groups that the county subsidizes, the only organization that gives something free to the public is the Salt Lake County Fair. We have free admission, free parking, entertainment, parade, fireworks, exhibits, contests and much more. People who can't afford to go to the ballet, symphony, golfing or skiing can bring their families to the fair for an enjoyable day without cost.

County real estate persons, knowing the value of the land, would like to move the fair and sell the property. Do they think they can build and replace the facilities we have on the present property cheaper than repairing the present facilities?

Let's hear from people who would like the fair to remain where it is. The fairgrounds are located in the center of the county, and the buildings and grounds are used year-round by groups, especially 4-H, FFA and other youth groups. Contrary to what some people think, we do have participation from Salt Lake City.

Roene M. Wood, director

Salt Lake County Fair Board