Police stung by the outrage over a videotaped beating took out a full-page advertisement Monday, urging residents to remember officers killed in the line of duty.

"Where was this outcry for the cops killed protecting you? People will not even remember who they were, even though they died for you," the letter addressed "To the People of Los Angeles" said."There was no picketing in front of Parker Center. There were no special hearings by the City Council or the Police Commission. . . . Where were the protesters? Where was their outrage?"

The ad, which appeared in the Los Angeles Times, featured two pictures of officers saving children.

The ad also criticized those denouncing the March 3 beating of Rodney King for failing to speak out against violence directed at police.

The beating of the black man by white officers was caught on a homemade videotape and broadcast nationally, prompting local investigations and a nationwide Justice Department probe of police brutality.