Age: 46

Born: Lehi, Utah

Family: wife, Kathleen Durfey; children, Paul, 24; LeAnn, 22; Jason, 21; Rebecca, 19; Jared, 18; Richard, 17.

Education: Attended Utah Technical College

Occupation: Owner, Durfey's Dry Cleaners in American Fork


Size: 5 square miles

Population: 15,700

Budget: $7 million

Number of employees: 50

Mayor's salary: $300 monthly


Politics: Republican

First "real" job: "I started as a route man in the dry cleaning business after high school."

Management style: Hands-on. "I like to let my people do their thing. They've been hired and trained in the areas they take care of. I like to let those people run their own show." Also, listen to public input.

Why I like being mayor: "I don't know, this past year has been pretty tough. It is satisfying to see things you've influenced come about in the city. I've taken a lot out of the community, and I feel like I've tried to give something back."

Why I hate being mayor: "I guess it seems like, for the most part, when anybody wants to talk to you they've got a problem that needs to be addressed. Mayors handle a myriad of problems. You can't satisfy everybody on any issue. It's hard sometimes to decide what's fair."

Recipe for success: A lot of hard work, being interested in the job, in various functions that go on in city and being involved.

A memorable failure: "I don't know that I've had any real failures. Most of the things I've taken on I've succeeded at. When you have something that doesn't go your way, you have to either work on it till it goes your way or get over it."

Heroes: "Bob Hoover, a World War II pilot, who could fly any kind of airplane there is. He's a pilot's pilot. He's one of the greatest pilots that ever lived." Also, John Wayne.

Leisure: Used to fly radio-controlled airplane models, restores 1950 model cars.

Favorite book: "Iacocca," the autobiography of Lee Iacocca.

Favorite movie: " `20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.' I saw it about six times when I was little." It was also the first movie Kay saw with Kathleen before they were married.