Gov. Norm Bangerter is offering maximum support for Utah Valley's mini-Salt Palace proposal.

And that support will be more than mere words. It will be dollars, too."I am supportive of this project and assure you that the state will provide the planning money necessary to begin the design of the facility," Bangerter wrote in a letter Friday to the Utah County Commission.

Also, Bangerter and Lt. Gov. Val Oveson are scheduled to be briefed about the project April 8 at Utah Valley Community College, site of the proposed special events center.

In the letter, the governor goes on to urge county residents to vote in favor of the April 9 special election proposal to bond for $7.7 million to construct the facility.

"We're pleased to have the letter so that citizens of Utah County can go ahead with this election," said Commissioner Gary Herbert. The commission was to announce Monday morning that the election will he held as planned.

Commissioners said Wednesday they would have postponed the election had the governor not assured them the planning money would be available.

Bangerter last week vetoed part of the state appropriations act dealing with planning money for state building proj-ects. The veto wiped out $50,000 UVCC was counting on to design the events center and a $10 million physical education building.

Sens. LeRay McAllisterand Craig Peterson, both R-Orem, worked with the governor's office to get Friday's letter to the commission.

"It's good to actually have it writing," Herbert said of Bangerter's commitment.

The governor said the events center has been approved for planning by the State Building Board. He also said county residents will benefit from the facility.

"Utah Valley has been on an economic upswing for the past several years and I believe that as a result of the forward thinking evidenced by such proposals . . . the economic vitality of this area will continue in the future," Bangeter wrote.


2 points of view on events center

Utah County residents will vote April 9 whether to bond for $7.7 million to build a 8,500-seat events center at Utah Valley Community College.


Gov. Norm Bangerter has written Utah County commissioners, saying he supports the project and will make sure money is available to plan the facility, despite his veto last week of a legislative appropriation of money for construction projects.


"We feel it is unfortunate the way this issue has been rushed. While construction of the arena may have merit, our members seem to oppose it because there are so many questions left unanswered and because of the timing of the special election." - Howard Stephenson, Utah Taxpayers Association president.