The Western Academy of Management has named W. Gibb Dyer Jr., associate professor of organizational behavior at Brigham Young University, one of four "Ascendant Scholars."

The award is given to those in the field of management who have demonstrated superior scholarship early in their academic careers. Dyer will present his recent research findings on entrepreneurial careers at the Western Academy of Management meetings to be held March 20-23 in Santa Barbara, Calif.Dyer has been a member of the Marriott School of Management's Department of Organizational Behavior since 1984. He received his bachelor's and master's degrees from BYU and his doctoral degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

He was an instructor at MIT and Northeastern University before joining BYU's faculty. Dyer's consulting experience is extensive, as are his publications. He was named one of the Outstanding Young Men of America in 1982 and he received a Family Business Research Award in 1987 for his book "Cultural Change in Family Firms."

Dyer is a founding board member of the Family Firm Institute and a member of the Academy of Management. He is also an editorial board member of "Family Business Review."