Chinese officials who selected a controversial film for this year's Academy Awards have been ordered to write self-criticisms for drawing world attention to the movie and embarrassing China, film industry sources said Monday.

Communist authorities have instructed officials at the Chinese Film Bureau, including its chief, Teng Jinxian, and leaders of the China Film Corporation which controls film exports, to admit to their error and repent.China initially submitted the film, Judou, to the awards in November but officials later sought to withdraw it because it did not portray socialist values.

Acting Minister of Culture He Jingzhi said the film, a tale of lust, violence and adultery in rural China, showed the nation in a negative light, and had ordered the self-criticisms, film industry officials and other sources said.

Those who offend communist authorities are often forced to write self-criticisms - formal expressions of regret - as an act of public humiliation.

The film, submitted in the best foreign film category, failed to win an Oscar but the controversy continues.

"Judou stresses individualism rather than the collective, so it's natural that party leaders wouldn't like it," said a film critic.