Garkane Power Association customers are receiving refunds in capital credits totaling $357,000.

The cooperative's manager, Glen Willardson, said capital credit refunds are one benefit membership brings to customers. Instead of profits going outside the area to some large investors, excess revenues are returned to consumers, he said.Capital credits are allocated according to the amount of electricity individual members purchase from Garkane. Those who have questions about the refunds are invited to contact the elected director in the district in which they live.

Directors are M. LaDon Torgersen, Koosharem, Sevier County; George T. Blackburn, Fremont, Wayne County; Wayne A. Smith, Bicknell, Wayne County; Darrell E. Alvey, Escalante, Garfield Count; Terry Griffiths, Orderville, Kane County; Mondell Syrett, Tropic, Garfield County; Nolan Button, Kanab; and F. Lee Bistline, Colorado City, Kane County.

Willardson said Garkane has also continued a long-running tradition of providing free electricity to the communities for holiday street lighting. The utility's employees helped communities install their lights and will assist in removing them.