Pass a tough anti-abortion law.

Adopt a $3.5 billion budgetShift property taxes to homeowners, business owners and car owners

Allow a 1 percent sales tax on restaurant meals.

Increase driver's license fees by $5, and extend the license time by one year.

Raise the cigarette tax by 3 1/2 cents per pack.

Pass a resolution endorsing a 1.4 million acre wilderness plan

Create a unified court system

Allow vineyards to have wine tasting on premises.

Pass tougher law protecting pets from abuse.

Give a $10 million loan to McDonnel Douglas to expand a Salt Lake manufacturing plant.

Criminalize spousal rape.

Create a state health insurance fund for those unable to purchase insurance.

Toughen penalties for prostitution.

Appropriate $100,000 for counties to write their histories.

Raise the fine for littering to $299.

Approve about seven task forces, half as many as last year.

Increase minimum age allowed by law for marriage with parental consent.

Create the Department of Environmental Quality, separate from the Department of Health.

Allow optometrists to prescribe eye drops and treat certain injuries.

Create a Children's Justice Centerto lessen trauma on victims of sexual assult.

Authorize the use of photo radar in school zones.

Increase the number of private club liquor licenses.

Appropriate $13.5 million for technology in Utah schools.

Reorganize the Division of Indian Affairs to allow greater Indian control of oil and gas royalties.

Reduce spending on the Heber Creeper from $1.6 million to $300,000.

Name coal the state rock.

Create a screening process for State School board candidates.

Provide that criminal convictions of teachers cannot be expunged.

Require political candidates to disclose all contributions.

Require lobyists to disclose all gifts and payments to elected officials of $100 or more.


Adopt a bonding package for next fiscal year..

Euqlize local school revenues.

Impose a tax on videotape rentals.

Reform state income tax laws.

Require nurses in public schools.

Rename Human Rights Day as Martin Luther King Day.

Rebracket income taxes or pass a flat tax.

Increase fines for speeding in school zones.

Prohibit transportation of animals in pickup trucks.

Allow private citizens to sue businesses they consider a moral nuisance.

Remove sales tax from food.

Make Utah Valley Community College a four-year school.

Require Utah colleges to play Southern Utah University in sports.

Prohibit corporal punishment in schools.

Prohibit smoking in restaurants.

Toughen laws for minors who drink and drive.

Pass coal severance taxes.

Strengthen drunken-driving laws.

Permit disclosure of higher-education salaries.

Waive non-resident tuition for 200 additional college students.

Provide funding to implement fair housing.

Fund what the federal government calls "active treatment" for patients in nursing homes.

Fund an addicted babies study.

License homeopath physicians.

Fund a women's business development office.

Pass any constitutional amendments

Give Gov. Norm Bangerter a pay raise

Eliminate the sales tax on mobile homes.