TEACHERS, who will see a class-size reduction in the first grade.RURAL UTAHNS, who no longer have to drive to the Wasatch front for treatment of minor eye ailments how that local optometrists can offer such services. KIDS, who no longer can ride in the back of pickup trucks traveling more than 25 mph.

BIG BUSINESSES, who got a property tax break and didn't see greater severance and other taxes imposed on them to offset that tax break.

MC DONNELL DOUGLAS, which got legislative approval for a $10 nmillion loan of state money to expand its aircraft manufacturing operation in Salt Lake City.

UTAH NAVAJOS, who will now administer by themselves millions of dollars in oil royalty money collected from the Utah portion of the reservation.

MARRIED WOMEN, who will now have legal recourse when raped by their husband.

PUBLIC EMPLOYEES, who will see a 5 percent increase in pay and benefits.

ANIMALS, which will have expanded protection from abuse by humans in the way of criminal penalties.

THOSE WHO DRINK ALCOHOL, who will see an increase in the number of private club liquor licenses.

LOW-INCOME FAMILIES, who will benefit from a new trust fund to augment the Women's Infants and Children nutrition program. The $450,000 will come from formula manufacturers.

GOLFERS, who will now be allowed to drink beer on the golf course.


UTAH MOTORISTS, who will see a $5 increase in the price of their drivers' licenses. The license duration was extended from four to five years.

PEOPLE WHO HATE SECOND-HAND SMOKE, who will not see a law prohibitingt smoking in public restaurants.

SMOKERS, who will see a 3 1/2 ce3nt per pack increase in state tax.

FORMER REP. DIONNE HALVERSON, D-Ogden, who was forced to resign to avoid becoming the first representative in Utah history to be expelled.

SCHOOLCHILDREN WALKING TO SCHOOL, who will not be protected by greater penalties for motorists who speed in school zones.

SCHOOLCHILDREN WHO MISBEHAVE, because lawmakers refused to enact legislation outlawing corporal punishment.

LAWMAKERS, who voted down their own pay raise.

THOSE WHO LIVE OUTSIDE OF SALT LAKE COUNTY, who will see the property tax on their autos go up.

LOBBYISTS, who must now disclose all gifts to elected officials totaling $100 or more.

THOSE WHO DINE IN SALT LAKE RESTAURANTS, who will now pay a 1 percent higher sales tax to help fund the Salt Palace renovation.

THOSE BUILDING OLYMPIC FACILITIES, who must pay market rates on their building finances.

THE GOVERNOR AND OTHER TOP STATE OFFICIALS, who will not get a pay raise.

THOSE WHO CANNOT GET HEALTH INSURANCE, who did not get nearly as much money in a state uninsurable fund as they had hoped.

PEOPLE ON WELFARE, who did not get a cost-of-living raise.

PEOPLE WHO QUALIFY FOR WELFARE BUT CHOOSE NOT TO ACCEPT will no longer be able to get "medical assistance only," so they'll either do without health care or get on the welfare rolls.


PEOPLE WHO PARTICIPATE IN THE UTAH MEDICAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAM. They had to have incomes below $337 a month; that amount will drop to $289 a month.

HUMAN SERVICES AND HEALTH CASEWORKERS, who will continue to shoulder increasing workloads, without additional staff.