It's not often an electrical bill earns a place in your photo album. But Brenda Ficker thought the $3,680 July notice she received from Utah Power & Light Co. was worthy.

"It was quite a jump, quite a shock . . . I kind of said, `Wait a minute!' " the Ogden woman said.Ficker, who said her normal power bill is about $45, was surprised to see UP&L had her using 13,000 kilowatts of power a day - pretty extreme for a woman trying to save money while awaiting the return of her husband stationed with the U.S. Army in Germany.

"I thought it was pretty humorous," Ficker said, noting she is saving it in her photo album.

UP&L quickly rescinded the bill and was preparing a new one, she said.

"They said everything will be fine . . . They thanked me for being humorous about it and not being mad," Ficker said.

The errant bill survived an elaborate company filtering system, said Larry Elcock, customer service manager for UP&L's Ogden region.

The computers usually will kick out a bill if it strays far from a residence's average bill, Elcock said.

Among the half-million monthly bills UP&L issues, overbillings are rare, said spokesman David Mead.