The price of the Sunday Deseret News at newsstands and convenience stores will increase 25 cents effective March 31.

For the past year, the cost has been $1.25 and will now be $1.50 because of increased transportation and other costs associated with delivering the paper to more than 1,100 locations.Newsstands are located in Salt Lake, Utah and Davis counties and in the Tooele and Park City areas, said Stephen Kelsey, circulation director for the Newspaper Agency Corp.

The price hike also will affect the Salt Lake Tribune's Sunday paper. The NAC prints and distributes the Deseret News and Tribune.

The 25-cent price hike is being made only for papers at the newsstands and convenience stores. The cost of the home-delivered Sunday paper has been $1.50 for some time and will remain at that amount.

Kelsey said it takes 26 trucks to get the larger Sunday papers to the newsstands and convenience stores in the metro area, compared with 18 trucks for the daily paper.