Winning football games pays. It pays University of Washington head football coach Don James $141,576 a year, making him the second-highest paid of Washington state government's 102,587 employees.

That includes a 37 percent salary increase from his pay four years ago - more than double the average state-employee salary increase during the same period."I wish every rank-and-file state employee had the opportunity to coach a winning Rose Bowl team," said Mark Brown, deputy director of the Washington Federation of State Employees, AFL-CIO. "Maybe that's the secret of getting a decent salary."

The state Personnel Department says the average state salary is about $25,000 per year.

James' salary ranks second to that of Phillip Fialkow, dean of the University of Washington Medical School, who makes $148,404 a year.

James earns 42 percent more than Gov. Booth Gardner, at $99,600 the highest-paid non-university state employee, and 26.7 percent more than UW President William Gerberding, who earns $111,696 a year.