Several members of the U.S. national soccer team say they are enthused about the decision to name Yugoslavian Bora Milutinovic as the squad's head coach.

"I think it was a good sign," defender Paul Krumpe said from his home near Los Angeles. "It was a good move by the (United States Soccer) federation. We've got an exerienced two-time World Cup coach and he can only help our situation. Maybe this is the thing that will put a fire under us and get us going."Goalkeeper Mark Dodd, of Dallas, said Milutinovic's reputation is well-known among the American players.

"Not many of us know him personally, but we know what he did with Mexico in the 1986 World Cup and with Costa Rica in last year's World Cup," Dodd said.

Milutinovic was introduced Wednesday as coach of the U.S. team and signed a three-year, six-figure contract that means he will guide the team through the 1994 World Cup, which will be held in the United States for the first time. He succeeds Bob Gansler.