Starting Monday, speeding tickets in some parts of Weber County will be $10 cheaper for drivers who buckle up.

Tickets for all moving violations except speeding that occur in areas other than Ogden and Roy will carry a possible discount of either $10 or 10 percent of the points assessed for the violation if everyone in the car is buckled up.Speeders will be eligible only for the $10 discount, not the point reduction.

The program designed to encourage area residents to wear seat belts and is modelled modeled after one used in Box Elder County since October.

"This is not a matter of rewarding people who break the law," said Utah Highway Patrol Lt. John Danks. "It's a safety issue. The drivers may think they're saving $10 or 10 percent in points, but really, down the road it will save their lives."

The offer will not apply in Ogden or Roy because the circuit court computers are not set up to handle the discount. In other cities, traffic tickets are handled through justice courts.