To the editor:

Utah law describes abortion as any procedure undertaken to kill a live unborn child. In the United States last year, there were about the same number of live unborn children killed as the total population of Utah. Most of those children were killed for the sake of convenience.The National Organization of Women, the ACLU and Planned Parenthood are mounting a media campaign critical of Utah's Legislature and the governor for passing a "sloppy, insensitive, restrictive, unconstitutional law," asking, almost demanding, we overturn that law or pay the consequences.

Utah's lawmakers were criticized for "ramming the abortion law through the Legislature without public testimony." Yet there were 21 open public meetings held over an 11-month period prior to the convening of the legislative session.

We knew before we began that if we passed any law more restrictive than "Roe vs. Wade," it would be challenged in court. So the threat of a lawsuit by the ACLU was expected. The best attorneys we could find have told us that Utah's law has better than a 50 percent chance of being upheld by the Supreme Court.

Since we knew a lawsuit was imminent and would be costly, the Legislature passed a law creating an Abortion Litigation Trust Fund. Those who feel that abortion should be limited to those few cases of rape, incest and severe fetal deformity are invited to contribute.

All funds donated will be used to defend Utah's abortion law challenged by the ACLU. The address to which money can be sent is: Utah Abortion Trust, Room 215, Utah State Capitol, Salt Lake City, UT 84114. More than $5,100 had been donated even before the governor signed the bill into law.

Evan L. Olsen

Utah House of Representatives