A 29-year-old man was killed early Saturday night when his Toyota Landcruiser rolled over a rock cliff west of Ensign Peak.

According to police, the man - who remained unidentified at press time pending notification of relatives - and a friend were parked high on a rocky cliff when the vehicle began to roll. The area is apparently a popular hangout for young people.A resident who lives nearby reported that the dead man's friend told him he yelled, "Let it go, let it go," and jumped out when the vehicle started to roll.

The driver stayed with the four-wheel-drive vehicle and tried to stop it from going over the edge but ended up being pulled over the edge himself.

The driver apparently was thrown from the vehicle as it traveled down the steep cliff, landing on a dirt road approximately 150 feet below.

His friend, who appeared uninjured, ran to a house southeast of the accident and called authorities. He told the owner of the house that his friend was still breathing, but when fire officials arrived the driver was dead.

Initially, police couldn't determine how they would get to the man's body, because the area was steep without marked or paved roadways. They requested a four-wheel-drive city water truck to help transport the body, but by the time the truck arrived, joggers had helped rescuers maneuver their vehicles to the site of the accident.