Maryland motorists can see the Passion play without leaving their cars.

The Salisbury Baptist Temple is staging a drive-in production Wednesday through Sunday nights of Easter Week. On some nights, up to 300 cars roll in."People come that won't go to church," said Pastor Oren Perdue. "If they want to light up a cigarette, they're in their own cars. It's like being in their own houses."

Perdue's church is an independent fundamental congregation of roughly 400 people on Maryland's rural Eastern Shore.

"We used to do a sunrise service for Easter, but one year we got rained out and we thought, `All that work for one shot,' " he said last week. "So, three years ago, we started this."

Worshipers can see a spotlighted Jesus on the cross while the words of the play are broadcast on their car radios. About 85 people participate in the play, which lasts a little more than an hour.