Age: 48.

Where born: Oceanside, Calif.

Family: Wife Jennifer Ann and children R. Paul, Bryce Lee and Danielle.

Education: Bachelor of science, University of Arizona, American Graduate School of International Management "Thunderbird" and Stonier Graduate School of Banking, Rutgers University.

Primary products: Production and management of all loan products.

Primary markets: Statewide.

Number of employees: 597.

Annual sales: Approximately $1 billion.


First "real" job: Ralston Purina Co., Brussels, Belgium.

Management style: Participative.

Strategy for success: The building of esprit de corps within the organization.

A memorable failure: Missed opportunity to play football at Brigham Young University (quarterback) due to a car accident en route to Provo from Arizona.

Heroes: My father, a self-made entrepreneur who taught me the value of hard work.

Leisure time and hobbies: Golf and travel.

Favorite book and movie: Atlas Shrugged and A Man for All Seasons.